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After working in busy salons for many years, I began to develop health problems because of exposure to ammonia, formaldehyde and aerosols over time. When my health issues improved after working outside the salon environment, I realized that I wanted to create a salon that was organic. At Sculpt we do not use products and hair color that contain ammonia, formaldehyde, PPD, toluene, petroleum, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, aerosols,  plastics, artificial dyes and fragrance.


Karla Bruk Stylist

If you are interested in more information regarding products and brands that I use, here is a list of links:

Hair Products

Loma Organics: www.lomaforhair.com
Onesta: www.onestahaircare.com


Mastey, Teinture Zero Ammonia: www.mastey.com
Chi Ionic, Ammonia-free, PPD-free: www.farouk.com

I have been a stylist for over 25 years. I’ve owned several salons and worked in many different aspects of the industry. Click on the Portfolio link above and check out some of the work I’ve done over the years. This will give you a good idea of who I am as a stylist.

What makes the salon organic?

I follow the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetics database (www.ewg.org/skindeep). I research ingredients and formulations of hair color and products, and prefer to sell and promote products from producers who practice sustainability, do not use synthetic chemicals and petrochemicals, and create high quality products from natural ingredients, organically produced whenever possible.

It is important to me to make choices that will create and sustain a healing environment for all.